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Getting smoky…

Time for some picture updates! I’m not sure how I found time to blog so much when we first opened… maybe I was just buzzing!

A Smoky Jo - our very own smoked sausage makes its debut

A Smoky Jo – our very own smoked sausage makes its debut

All welcome at Shap Chippy!

All welcome at Shap Chippy – even rabbits


Jo and Becca study my food safety policy book

Jo and Becca study my food safety policy book. What’s so funny?

Age Concern were the first group to bring a party for lunch

Age Concern were the first group to bring a party for lunch

First order of a fish butty!

First order of a fish butty!


I am still buzzing with enthusiasm, of course, but less buzzy and more busy with the paperwork.  The environmental health officer visited last week and liked what she saw but she now has our food safety policy and assorted paperwork to go through before we get our food safety “score on the door”.  Fingers crossed!

We have also added smoked halloumi cheese fritters to our menu and (for eat-in only) banana fritters with syrup and ice cream…


Settling in…

Google has chosen this page as a landing page for opening times… which are: Tuesday – Saturday: Noon – 1.30 pm and 4.30 – 8.00 pm   Sunday: 4.30 – 8.00 pm. They are also on the front page of our website!

I think we are getting there; more staff are becoming more expert in more areas so in due course we will have more options for those really busy times when the organised chaos can fleetingly seem disorganised…

Our opening hours are now settled – at least for the summer. (By which I mean until mid-September, not necessarily anything to do with the weather.) They are on the front page of the website and the shop window – basically lunctimes and evenings Tuesday – Saturday and evening Sunday.  (We will also open on bank holiday Monday evenings then close on the following Tuesday.)

Thank you for our cards!

Thank you for our cards!

We have taken down our good luck/congratulations and thank you cards – thank you to so many of you for wishing us well.  And thank you to the coast to coast-ers who sent such a nice card after Jo dropped you off at the Shap Wells – why would you expect it to be five miles further on? So unfair!  The cards were on the top of the drinks fridge, which is now shiny clean.  We only have one staff member who can see up there, so Rosie – in future that’s your job, please! We are wondering what to put on the white wall – we were thinking about a cartoon-style map of the area, or of the coast to coast route – any suggestions? We will also put up boards with fish and chip facts – where the fish we use are caught (Marine Stewardship Council approved waters), the fact that potatoes went up by 25% a week after we opened… (yes really, though they seem to have gone back down a little now).

Amazing moon view driving home after frying

Amazing moon view driving home after frying


New menu items…

Slowly we are building up to a full chip shop menu… we have finally got our “pie-well” a metal tray that holds a bit of water in one of the hot top-boxes, to ensure pies, sausages etc don’t dry out.  Next week we should have pie on the menu.

We have also started doing chicken nuggets – battered, of course! – spam fritters and especially for vegetarians, halloumi cheese fritters.  This is something we thought of doing when we first started talking about what we can offer people who do not want fish or meat.  Gwynn is working on various recipes of her own when she gets a spare 15 minutes (we don’t give her much time off…)

Halloumi fritters and curry sauce…. has to be tried to be believed!


Pictures up…

Little by little we’re getting there! Two new prints on the wall.  We found them on the artists trail in Levens – they are so bright and colourful we thought they would add a warmth to the seating area.  They are by Libby Edmondson.

The Wall by Libby Edmondson

The Wall by Libby Edmondson

When Jo was out a few weeks ago wearing her “Wierd Fish” top and discussing the fish and chip shop… she was asked if “Wierd Fish” was the name of the new venture! There’s a thought…

Chip portions… and next week’s opening hours

… no, we’re not trying to put chip-eaters on diets but we have had a lack of consistency in portion sizes – sorry.  This should now be sorted.  It was all to do with how many chips we could get on a scoop.  This has now changed to making sure that regular chips is a goodly portion and large chips is too many for most!

This coming week we will be CLOSED on Tuesday after the bank holiday weekend, then open Monday – Saturday 12 noon – 1.30 pm and 5 pm – 8 pm; we will then close Sunday and Monday.



I’m not political, but… and Bellas sausages get the thumbs up

On a previous post I put a pic from the day before we opened with Rory Stewart and Tom Lowther… Yesterday, voting day, Neil Hughes came to the Chippy (fish, pickled onion, pickled egg).

Can we read anything in to this? Avoid being photographed in Shap Chippy?

Eat at Shap Chippy and get elected?! May be it’s just the electorate – well done Neil.

All the signs are up now – I particularly like the window graphics – I’m still getting used to the boards. They may look better if we hadn’t been encouraged to go for cream on the stone work!

We have added sausages to our menu this week – jumbo, small, battered and Nick Bellas’ Cumberland wheel.  I’ve just cooked a whole load that I hope will see us through the bank holiday.  But I may have one for my tea…

Shap Chippy finds its identity

Shap Chippy finds its identity

Cumberland Sausages from Bellas

Cumberland Sausages from Bellas

"What no chips?!" fish and onion rings on a plate

   “What no chips?!” fish and onion rings on a plate

Now I know who we are!


The Sign Man from Kendal

The Sign Man from Kendal


There are a few more bits and pieces to go up, and we have pictures to go up inside, but we’re nearly there!

Week two

We’ve had a couple of days to regroup, catch up (well nearly) on the paperwork and now we’re ready to go again.  This week we intend opening Tuesday – Saturday noon – 1.30 pm and 5 – 8 pm; and Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday 5 pm – 8 pm.  We will then be closed next Tuesday 7th May.

We are gradually adding things to the menu – we will be trying out fish cakes this week, adding them to the battered sausages from last week and we have some terrific Cumberland wheels in again from Bellas.

By the way, the very first person to buy a battered sausage last week – I owe you! Sorry, I confused price and size. (I will remember you!)

Two thank-yous, two sorrys and a please

Thank you to those of you have written so many kind comments on this blog – and various other facebooky, tweety-type places.

THANK YOU to everyone who waited so patiently.  I know we’ve been waiting since September for fish and chips in the village but I am sorry to those who had such a long wait today – I don’t suppose you expected to revisit autumn and winter… sun, hail, snow while you were waiting … crazy weather!  Made it very hard to see out of my car when I finally got to drive home.  So sorry there was a delay – we knew Friday would be busy- but wow!

The biggest sorry is that we are now NOT going to be open this Sunday.  We had to put our order in for supplies after our first night – which we thought was busy – what did we know?! We now have to keep our fingers crossed that we won’t run out of batter flour… or fish… or boxes…  For those of you that visited on the first couple of nights we DO now have lots of bags that are big enough for the boxes – a big improvement!

Please, if you know anyone who was planning fish and chips on Sunday do let them know we won’t be frying this Sunday.

Right, the uniforms have finished washing…


Day three…

Day 3 welcome and menu

Day 3 welcome and menu

Please keep your comments coming in – we are adjusting portion sizes, consistency of curry, gravy and peas according to feedback so please keep talking – and we’ll keep doing our best!