BT Bloody Terrible, Shap Chips? Super Chips!

BT threatened me with financial penalties if no-one was on site from 1 pm – 6 pm yesterday – but they didn’t bother to show and they’re sorry, how would Thursday do?  I look forward to chatting with them about compensation.  Local workers and companies have been spot on – national companies have generally been shocking –  BT, British Gas, B & Q (though not the local branches.)

Anyway today we have had got the scaffolding down, WE HAVE FRIED FISH, CHIPS AND ONIONS RINGS (lovely!) for the roofers and decorators and I have sat on the loo lid to work out where the loo roll dispenser should go.  Lots of other stuff, obviously – but that covers the highlights!

Pictures to follow, but the computer has no power left, and, frankly, nor have I.


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