Chance political visitors on this Big Week

Well firstly I need to confirm that YES, we will open this week.

Not sure when, or for how long!  We will start with limited hours and a limited menu to make sure we can get it right, checking our systems, equipment and staff – please bear with us! By the weekend (or sooner) we will be up and running to be open at lunchtime and in the evening on Saturday and Sunday.

A political visit

A political visit

You may have spotted some local politicians in the village today ahead of next week’s local elections, well they popped in to say hallo and seized a photo opportunity.  Unfortunately I was in scruff order ahead of some heavy duty cleaning – but at the time I was being shown the fine art of the modern EPOS (electronic point of sale – or cash register, as we like to call it) by Craig from Harmony Business Technology.

The last time I was this close to Rory Stewart on a blog we were talking puddings.

Three exciting events today: 1. The windows have been cleaned (and the newspaper taken down) 2. Our “uniforms” have arrived (see the hats in the window) 3. We (mainly Mandy) have finished cleaning the fish fridge!

Exciting times…


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  1. Good luck, good luck good luck! I’ve been following your progress, and am positively salivating in anticipation of the best fish and chips ever! Only one question, which are you going to smoke, the fish or the chips?????

  2. Whilst smoked potatoes are lovely – I think we will soon be trying smoked haddock in batter. More importantly we will be smoking our own smoked sausage and instead of it being called the usual ‘smokey’ our one will of course be called a ‘Smoky Jo’!

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