I never knew there were so many fish and chip eaters in the area!  Word is obviously out!  Sorry to those who had a bit of a wait – I hope it was worth it.

We will be expanding our menu to include the traditional battered sausage etc – but we just want to get the fish, chips and mushy peas right to start with.  I have made double (again!) the peas for tonight and Jo is getting on with the spuds and fish even as I type.

Too tired to blog last night!

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  1. Good Luck with the business and it’s great to see this re-opening. I will be sending lots of our guests at http://www.sycamorebarn.com to come and visit you. People holidaying in the area love Fish and Chips 🙂

  2. Well done girls, I will be getting the family together to come and visit soon.

    1. We look forward to seeing you – say hallo!

  3. Hi, I’m glad you enjoyed the chips; as you know it’s early days for us and we are working our socks off to get it right – a lot of the time a lot of folk think we are, but I know we have a lot to learn. I don’t think the wait was due to too many cooks… but I’m really sorry you were disappointed with the fish – please speak next time you are in so we can talk about how you think we should be doing it! – Have you run a chippy? If you have, we’d welcome your wisdom.

  4. Well done to the two of you and all your staff, you have done a great job with the chippy and we are sure it will be successful. We were very impressed with the quality and service especially as it was your first night, and judging by the comments some of our customers have made in our shop, they agree with us, that the fish and chips are lovely.

  5. Visited twice this week – on Wednesday because we wanted to see what was on offer after the long wait, and tonight because it was an easy decision. Fish and chips both times, and both times excellent.

    Well done guys!

  6. Second visit this week – and once again very good .
    Thanks to you and your staff for your hard work in
    Reopening the Chippy !!!!!

    1. You’re very welcome! We’re building a top team and I know you know that some from Crosby Ravensworth are working their Welsh socks of in the interests of Shap Chippy and the chip eaters of the area.

  7. Thank you to all those who have waited so patiently and been so appreciative – it really makes it all worthwhile to hear you are enjoying the food!

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