Two thank-yous, two sorrys and a please

Thank you to those of you have written so many kind comments on this blog – and various other facebooky, tweety-type places.

THANK YOU to everyone who waited so patiently.  I know we’ve been waiting since September for fish and chips in the village but I am sorry to those who had such a long wait today – I don’t suppose you expected to revisit autumn and winter… sun, hail, snow while you were waiting … crazy weather!  Made it very hard to see out of my car when I finally got to drive home.  So sorry there was a delay – we knew Friday would be busy- but wow!

The biggest sorry is that we are now NOT going to be open this Sunday.  We had to put our order in for supplies after our first night – which we thought was busy – what did we know?! We now have to keep our fingers crossed that we won’t run out of batter flour… or fish… or boxes…  For those of you that visited on the first couple of nights we DO now have lots of bags that are big enough for the boxes – a big improvement!

Please, if you know anyone who was planning fish and chips on Sunday do let them know we won’t be frying this Sunday.

Right, the uniforms have finished washing…


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  1. Sadly missed your blog re Sunday closing and having spent a cold and windy day stewarding at a carriage driving event in York, endured by the thought of fish and chips, it was not to be. Went to Butchers Arms en route back to Appleby and will try again this week. Glad it’s going well for you and hope you managed to stay awake long enough to enjoy Sunday Jude

    1. So sorry… Hope to see you in the Chippy soon. Sunday was admin and restocking, reassessing and cleaning… as was Monday… and now here we are on Tuesday, ready to fry!

  2. Oh yes we’ll definitely be visiting soon good luck for this week.

    1. I try to reply to all these lovely comments sometimes I get “error”… seems to be OK now – have you been in yet for a meal?

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