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Little by little we’re getting there! Two new prints on the wall.  We found them on the artists trail in Levens – they are so bright and colourful we thought they would add a warmth to the seating area.  They are by Libby Edmondson.

The Wall by Libby Edmondson

The Wall by Libby Edmondson

When Jo was out a few weeks ago wearing her “Wierd Fish” top and discussing the fish and chip shop… she was asked if “Wierd Fish” was the name of the new venture! There’s a thought…

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  1. Lovely fish and chips good quality and well cooked.
    A thought – why not serve takeaways in paper rather than Polystyrene boxes? Must be greener and has the advantage that the paper wrapped meal can be popped into the oven to keep warm – else give customers a choice: paper or Polystyrene.

    1. Thank you – I’m so glad you enjoyed your meal.
      We have agonised over packaging – we would much rather have gone with newspaper but of course this isn’t allowed anymore! The polystyrene boxes are designed (ridged) to let the grease drain to the bottom and not let the fish or chips sit in it… but more importantly there are vents at either end to allow air to flow through and stop the food sweating causing sogginess of batter and chips. Apparently they should keep the food warm and crisp for 20 minutes or so. Paper alone means the food will sweat. And I couldn’t possibly recommend putting paper in your oven! There are eco boxes (recycled/recyclable card) of a similar design to the poly boxes – but at the moment they are about ten times the price. We will keep these things under review and you are of course very welcome to specify “no polystyrene please!” – a couple of customers are doing that. Like eveything we are trying to balance, compromise and offer choice – but trying to put food quality at the top of the priority list. Thank you for taking the time and trouble to comment!

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