While we are still waiting for the paperwork to be done before we can get started, we are not being idle.  Apart from getting quotes for the major works – like making it waterproof – we are thinking about all the little details.  Fortunately we have lots of people whow absolutely KNOW the secret to the best fish and chip shop…  Here are some of their ideas:

Bellas (our local butcher) pies – YES!

Bring your own bottle? – PROBABLY

Chips with cheese and gravy – OK…

Breadcrumbed fish – MAYBE

Actually what we want to do is make sure we get the basics right – so keep the ideas coming but what we’re aiming for is great fish and chips and mushy peas…


We also want to give excellent service – some people have already spoken to us about jobs; of course we’re not in a position to offer work at the moment but there will be opportunities for people prepared to work hard and keep smiling.  Initially it would just be on a casual basis until we know how busy we are going to be.

Shap Chippy Sign

Shap Chippy Sign – looking forward to seeing it lit up again!

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  1. As well as being open on time we also want to make sure that when people come – we have not run out of fish!! I know it is a small thing – but once this has happened to you – it becomes fear every time you go for fish and chips!! But it wont happen with us- You can be sure that if our sign above the shop is illuminated – we are still frying AND have fish!

  2. Excellent!

  3. I can’t wait to sample what I imagine is going to be the best fish and chips in town! Just keep swimming…just keep swimming….

    1. Thanks Tash! Small town, not many others offering fish and chips but we are studying our “how tor fry fish and chips” books… Just keeping swimming, keep on swimming!

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