Oh no…!

Just as we were getting confident that we can manage chip shop rush hour, one of our pans broke!

Sorry to those who had to wait longer than usual last night – we lost a third of our frying capacity at about 5.30 pm… which on a Friday night is really bad news.  Also disappointing in that the kit cost a lot more than a better car than I am ever likely to drive, and it is only a few months old!

Engineers apparently only come out Monday to Friday but the salesman from Hopkins – who was good enough to pick up the phone from me on a Friday evening (when he must have known I wouldn’t have just been phoning for a chat!) – is going to come by today with a new part…  fingers crossed.

Pie is now on the menu as well as some rather nice chicken fillet!

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  1. What bad luck! On a purely selfish note, we really hope it’s fixed by next Thursday, as I’ve promised daugher plus husband and 3 boys the best fish and chips ever for their tea that night. Don’t know the time yet, but if we want a table for 4 adults plus 3 kids would it help if I rang and confirmed before then?
    Good luck with the broken piece of kit. Surely something as expensive as that has some sort of guarantee.
    Maggie Barr

    1. All fixed! It will be lovely to see you Thursday – booking would definitely help to guarantee a table big enough for your party – phone, Facebook or blog!

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