Total Warrior – Shap invasion!

This weekend sees the annual Total Warrior event at Shap.  Competitors face almost insurmountable obstacles… while the local chip shop faces… who knows?!

Organisers are expecting 7000 visitors to the site, and we understand several thousand are camping in and around Shap.  On the assumption that this will increase our business to some degree or another we will be doing things slightly differently this weekend:

We will not be doing table service – sorry – and our menu will be slightly reduced.  As we weren’t here last year we do not know what to expect –  we will do our best!

Our extended opening hours this weekend will be:

Friday 4.30 pm – 9.30 pm

Saturday 11.00 am – 9.30 pm

Sunday 11.00 am – 8.00 pm

To those taking part… good luck, take care – and eat well!


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  1. [No Food Comment] – to Georgina and Jo – Congratulations on your successful relaunch of the Shap Chippy! I was glad to see Jo again as she came to Brougham Hall for the theatre weekend. She told me about the Shap Chippy – I am working on the Hall News story about the Chippy and want to send you a copy, but firstly to send the pages with your story to check and possibly “clear” for publication. Please, if you have one, and are happy to give me it, could you give me your e-Mail address, so I can actually send Hall News pages to you. I recently moved to Fife, Scotland, but now send Hall News by e-Mail and Adobe PDF files to the Hall Trust and Hall tenants. THANKS, ALISTAIR AYNSCOUGH, BROUGHAM HALL NEWS; 1st. September, ’13.

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