Power cuts and new signs

Shap Chippy Signposted from J39 M6

Shap Chippy Signposted from J39 M6

Total Warrior was a challenge – especially when the electricity went off at 7.15 pm with a huge queue of hungry warriors at the door!  Our team came up trumps, Gwyn explaining to the National Grid that we were a village of 1,000, with 10,000 visitors and 5 businesses trying to feed them…. the changed there estimate for the power outage from 3 hours to 30 minutes… phew!  In the meantime Petra made pickled egg mayonnaise sandwiches for those who were really hungry. Hmmm….!  With the power back on we enjoyed feeding more people than we usually do over a whole weekend… great fun – no pictures, I’m afraid, we were too busy!

Pictures of our new sign, though!

We now have a sign pointing the way to Shap Chippy for people coming off the M6 at junction 39 (J39).  I had to sign a lease for it with Lonsdale Settled Estates.  Some curious clauses in the lease – not to have riotous parties or some such… It’s a nice spot, but probably not my first choice for a bit of a do.

We also have a pavement sign and some professional window signs – opening hours, open/closed sign etc.  Apart from looking much better we no longer have to rely on blu tac that a) leaves a horrible mess and b) has been melting and leaving our signs dragging sadly towards the floor.


Roadside furniture - mine's legal and paid for!

Roadside furniture – mine’s legal and paid for!



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  1. Good to see you working hard as usual to feed the nation! Will pass by one of these days soon. Xx

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