We’re in!

We’re in! 4 pm Tuesday 26th February we are finally the proud owners of Cleveland House, Shap, CA10 3JS, Once and future home of Shap Chippy…

Next stop scaffolding and a new roof…  Exciting times!

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  1. cant waite hope your fish&chips are as good as MR CHIPS ( kirbythore) used to be the logo looks similar.good luck.

    1. We’ll do our best! I’ll have to check out Mr Chips logo, ours came from a scribble I did!

  2. dont worry about the logo stuart does not use it anymore as he lives in thailand.

    1. May be we can think about retiring somewhere hot and sunny in a few years…!

  3. I knew it!! It’s going to be FIsh and Chips in Sri Lanka!!

    1. That sounds like a plan..!

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