What a year 2016 was for Shap Chippy and our Frying Squad!

We had “a bit of a do” at Christmas with our Frying Squad, we talked about what a year 2016 had been… we thought we should share some of the amazing achievements of our team, not just as Shap Chippy – although we’ll start there!

Our greatest team achievement has to be being selected in the Top 50 Fish and Chip shops in the UK. We were thrilled and so pleased that all our hard work and good food was recognised. We also received a Certificate of Excellence from Tripadvisor for the second year in a row – yay!

But 2016 was also a year of fantastic achievements for everyone – individually amazing things have been done…….

(Mr) Dal decided that after his 2015 trip to Australia he could do with losing a few pounds in weight so he took himself off to Slimmers World where he lost over 3 stone and was awarded “Man of the Year!” Well done Dal! At a recent trade fair we had to introduce him all over again as no-one recognised the slimmed down version.

Elizabeth, Atlanta and Molly got fantastic results in the GCSEs and are now studying for A levels – brilliant!

Rhianon raised enough money for her school trip-of-a-lifetime to Tanzania.

Stacey enjoyed playing football for Penrith and represented Cumbria, she also played in a tournament at the home of Wigan Athletic- how fantastic is that!?!

Michaela and her team mates won the National Cheer leading Championships in Manchester in the spring – absolutely fabulous!

Aaron and Dawn have had a brilliant year which started with them getting married in March. In November Dawn was selected to play in the National Ladies Pool

Championships where she won 6 of her games. Aaron was responsible for designing and building our new lovely bathroom at the Chippy.  Also, and of huge importance, was the fact that they both gave up smoking in December which is a fantastic achievement. What an amazing year!

Petra put her culinary skills to work for the Chippy by helping us celebrate Valentines day and Mothers day by making meringue ‘kisses’ and cakes. She also came up with the recipe for our own home made Tartare Sauce which is proving so popular with our customers and is just the best secret recipe!

Sylwia joined the Shap Frying Squad this year and has proved to be a huge asset – not least due to her superb baking abilities… This year she made a wonderful dessert for Jo’s 60th birthday; then she baked a sticky toffee pudding and a chocolate orange cheesecake for our Christmas drinks on 23rd December – both went down a storm. Next stop the Great British Bake-Off..?

Jo’s achievement was reaching her 60th birthday – celebrated with fun events throughout the year culminating in a house party with her family in Scotland in November.

George was accepted to play in the Westmorland Orchestra and played in her first concert with them in December. Well done George – brilliant!

So all in all 2016 was a great year for Shap Chippy and the whole Frying Squad – such talented people – bravo and thank you, everyone… Who knows what this year will bring… new members of the Frying Squad joining us to work hard and play hard, perhaps!

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