Forks, Bags, Tips, Charity – and Thank You!

We recently put a press release out about our charitable stuff… not because we want to boast but because we know we have customers who regularly donate 5p for one of our luxury plastic forks, or for a carrier bag to take their food home!  It just might be that some folk doubt it… surely not!

Anyway –  the story is below…   But before that I should mention that as well as supporting charities on our Shap doorstep we also support the fishermen without whom fish and chips would be, well, just chips!

For the past two years our staff have donated all tips received on National Fish and Chip Day to the Fishermen’s Mission and we have matched the donations (you didn’t need to be quite so generous!) Whilst on the subject of tips they were in the news last year – here at Shap Chippy all tips are added together and at the end of each month divided up between ALL the employees (not owners!) based on how many hours they each work.

So to forks….

The Second Chance charity shop is at the heart of Shap Community Enterprise, a charity raising funds for community groups. By the end of 2016 nearly £30,000 had been paid out.  When the shop opened next door to Shap Chippy a couple of years ago the owners of the Chippy were delighted to be able to help out with the signage. Co-owner of the Chippy Georgina Perkins said “Since then the Second Chance shop has been such a success, raising funds for so many local good causes – Shap School, the bus service, scouts, cubs and beavers, the cricket and bowling clubs – to name but a few!  We have customers who come to Shap for a day out – a morning in the shop browsing the amazing selection of goods for sale then joining us for lunch – often showing off their purchases!  We saw an opportunity to reduce the use of plastic carriers and to continually support our village by charging for bags.”  This week volunteers in the charity shop accepted £100 from the supply of carriers bags at Shap Chippy.
The Chippy also supports the local swimming pool.  For several years, as well as providing free wooden chip forks, blue plastic “luxury” forks have been available for 5p, and all the money taken for them is given to Shap Open Air Swimming Pool.  “We are very proud of our swimming pool in Shap and it’s great to know we are doing something to help keep local people active” said Georgina.  “The latest donation of £100 brings the total given to £350 – that’s a lot of luxury forks!”
So, a big THANK YOU to all users of our blue forks and carrier bags, and to those who gave so generously on National Fish and Chip Day.


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