Fish and Chips and Bread and Butter….

It was great to read about a fabulous baker in the local paper recently – and see him give us a mention for encouraging him!

Herald article about Mike Hall with a mention of Shap Chippy

Herald article about Mike Hall with a mention of Shap Chippy

Some of you may know that Jo and I have a fondness for food… running The Old Smokehouse back at the start of the century(!) led us into the world of Farmers’ Markets, Food Festivals, delicatessens…. and occasionally over-eating!

About 18 months ago I bought an artisan loaf of bread at a Shap fund-raiser and it was fantastic! It caught my eye because it was “smoked” but the texture and  crust were just amazing and I got in touch with the maker – Mike Hall.

The rest, as they say is history! He and his wife are now the Ivy Cottage Bakery; he has recently appeared on BBC 2 in Tom Kerridge’s Top of the Shop, won gold for his beetroot and thyme bread at the World Bread Awards, achieved significant media coverage in the local newspaper and has consistently sold out at local events.

His bread is fantastic – available from Brough Farmers Market – my favourite is the unlikely, and yet somehow perfect, honey and lavender.

I am delighted to report that Mike and Marcella have become regulars at Shap Chippy and we are regular customers of theirs!

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  1. Thanks for the share and kind words. You’ve always been supportive and encouraging and we value your advice.

    It’s been an eventful first 12 months at Ivy Cottage for sure.

    A new customer from Little Strickland has arranged to collect a loaf each week from Shap Post Office, the first was dropped off just today!

    Who knows what the future holds…. we’re looking forward to the next chapter at Ivy Cottage Baker and will hopefully be at the next Shap Community fundraiser, we had a great time last September!

    1. Hooray for you! Let’s hope delivering to Shap becomes regular – I will get my order in!

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