Delays and acceleration…

Just taken a call from our rangeman (not Rangeman, as in Stephanie Plum novels, for those that understand) and our frying range will be coming a week earlier than thought!  Gives us a little more time to get other things sorted… roof is off as I write, gas connection is ready for the range but no actual gas until tomorrow.  I was beginning to think that would never happen.  Our neighbour Kevin Bush will be in their decorating from tomorrow, next week the floor goes down…

Meanwhile, courtesy of my friend Mad Marion, a very bad joke:

A man visits the same fish and chip shop every Friday night and always places the same order.  He becomes very well known to the owners, Archie and Tina, who get into the habit of cooking his haddock and chips just before he arrives at the shop so that he doesn’t have to queue when he gets there.  However, one Thursday, the man is delayed on a business trip and realises that he will have to stay an extra day and won’t make it back in time for his Friday haddock and chips.  Knowing that they will be expecting him, he thinks it best to warn the chip shop owners.  So he rings them up and sings:
“Don’t fry for me Arch and Tina…”


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