Newspaper, hallo, oh no and thank you


White tile and blue grout

A bit of tiling

A bit of blue flooring

A bit of flooring

The newspaper on thewindows is to a)hide the mess and b) keep the slightly new look a secret – so NO, Ian, we will not cut a small hole so you can look through and see what is going on!But here’s a sneaky preview…




Hallo to the lady who introduced herself in the Post Office last week and of course to all the other people who stop us in Shap on a regular basis demanding to know when they can expect fish and chips – it’s great to hear the enthusiasm – we’re doing our best!

Lousy roof, rotten timber

Lousy roof, rotten timber

Damp, trying to dry in wintry weather

Damp, trying to dry in wintry weather

However… here’s the sort of thing we’re up against… a corner of the roof where the tiles are gone and the timber is rotten – and the bottom right, solid gunk, is supposed to be the drainpipe… and then there’s the inside, that just isn’t getting dry enough to treat and decorate.  But we’re are making progress – honest!


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  1. just remember the shop can be fantastic but it is the quality of the fish & chips that is the important thing that’s where the last 3 owners lost all there custom they could not cook have a look at Angel lane chippy they know how to cook fish having a certificate is not the answer practise, practise, and more practise good luck.

    1. Hi – we know Dan and Dean at Angel Lane – they were tutors on the national course where we got our certificates. We well remember the quality of the fish and chips in Shap from years ago – and we miss it! The sad fact is the premises had been run down as much as the fish and chips – we’re not doing a make-over for appearance sake, we are doing it to make it waterproof, hygienic, legal and safe. We certainly hope it looks good too, but neither of us have an inner Laurence Llewelyn Bowen struggling to get out… we do have a passion for good food though, so we have been working with other award winning friers so that we know what we are aiming for. We will of course need practise – but we are not going in blind! We look forward to serving up good fish and chips very soon – and with the help of constructive feedback – GREAT fish and chips in the not too distant future! Thank you for your good wishes.

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