Our Take Away Menu


Large £5.20

Regular £4.20

Small Fish £2.75

Fish Goujons (2) £2.25

Cod Bites £2.45

Home made fish cake £2.60

Whitby Wholetail Scampi (9) £3.95



Large £2.40

Regular £2.00

Small £1.45

Chip Butty £2.35

Chips, cheese and gravy £3.75



Jumbo Sausage £1.50

Battered Jumbo Sausage £1.60

Small Sausage £0.80

Battered small sausage £0.85

Cumberland Ring £2.90

Our own smoked ‘Smoky Jo’ £2.95



Mushy Peas £0.80

Curry Sauce £0.80

Gravy £0.80

Cheese £1.00

Onion Rings £1.20


Other Mains

Steak Pie £2.95

Beef Burger in a bun £2.50

Cheese Burger in a bun £2.65

Chicken Fillet Burger in a bun £2.95

Chicken Nuggets (6) £2.40

Chicken Nuggets (3) £1.25

Chicken Portion £3.60

Breaded Haggis Balls £2.00

Smoked Halloumi Cheese Fritters (2) £2.60 (V)

Cheese and Onion Fry £2.15 (V)



Kiddies Box £3.20

Small sausage or

Fish Goujon or

2 Chicken Nuggets

with small chips, cherry tomatoes and a fruit drink


Tea £1.00

Coffee £1.25

Cans £0.95 / £1.00

Bottles £1.25 / £1.35

Water £0.80

Fruit Drink £0.80

Apple juice £1.95

Shmoo shakes £1.55/£1.95

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  1. Following on message left on your voicemail.I would like to book a table for 8 @ 7pm this Thursday 19th December. ps why is it that a pot of tea with 1 cup is £1.90 but two cups from the same pot is charged @ £3.80. With best wishes and hope you can fit us in,Tony Longworth

    1. Hi, booking confirmed – many thanks! Good question re: tea – it is a per person price as we give free top ups! We look forward to seeing you on Thursday.

  2. are you open Thursday 18th please and what are your opening times ?

    1. Hi,
      We are indeed! 12 noon – 1.30 pm and 4.30 – 8.00 pm.
      Hope to see you soon!

  3. Thanks for a wonderful meal on Saturday evening. Not only is the food second to none but so is the Customer Service!! The Chippy is also light, bright and immaculate.
    We are spreading the Shap Chippy gospel! Some local friends have asked us to find out if you offer any gluten free products – batter for fish? Sausage?
    With many thanks.

    1. So glad you enjoyed it – the pressure only goes up as we build a good reputation but it keeps us on our toes!
      We don’t do a gluten-free batter at the moment – we don’t have sufficient frying pans to keep it separate. Our chips are fried separately though so they are gluten free and we do a rather nice poached cod (and I’m sure we could do the smoked haddock on the right days!) with no hint of gluten. I have seen that our supplier has introduced a gluten-free sausage but it would have to be fried in a pan that cooks items with gluten. I will investigate!
      Thanks again for visiting us and taking the trouble to write – see you again soon!

  4. Hi pleased to read about your success, congratulations. Any plans to put steak & Kidney pudding on the menu ? Be seeing you in a couple of weeks for fish & Chips.

    1. We’re still sticking with the fantastic steak pie from Staffield Hall Farm. This reply may be too late for your visit, sorry, overzealous spam filter – but I hope you enjoyed yourself!

  5. We’re coming tomorrow evening (Saturday 31st) at about 5.30 to have F & C in your restaurant :). Is it advisable to book, please? There will be 6 of us (3 adults, 3 children). Thank you!

    (I enjoyed very much the Cobwebs seafaring music and FOOD some months ago at Shap 🙂 ).

    1. Thank you Joy, I will make sure we have a table for you! – Please let us know if you are likely to be late – if it gets busy we will only hold a table 10 minutes past booking time!
      See you soon,

  6. Thank you for being such wonderful hosts on Saturday evening, despite the fact that we were very late in arriving, stayed far too long and made an aweful mess on the floor. Seeing all those trickers & treaters arriving and being made so welcome was the icing on the cake – hilarious! A very happy evening. THANK YOU!


    1. You’re very welcome! It was fun… there are some great pics of the Hallowe’en mayhem on our Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/ShapChippy/

  7. Do you do any gluten free dishes? I would like to bring a friend on Friday but he cannot eat gluten.

    1. Hi, we don’t do gluten free batter I’m afraid but we are very happy to steam/poach our cod or smoked haddock if available; our chips are gluten free so are our mushy peas and our chicken portions. I trust there is enough there to whet his appetite before I move on to pickled onions, pickled eggs or perhaps cheese to create cheesy chips!
      I do hope we see you both on Friday.

  8. Hi, we are walking in the Lakes this Sunday and are thinking of dropping in on the way home for our tea, I see you are open till 8pm but how busy are you? Would we need to book ahead? I did the Coast 2 Coast last year and tried your delicious Smoked Haddock, so I’m keen to revisit. Thanks Mark

    1. Hi,
      It can get pretty busy – but school Easter holidays are over so you should be OK – unless there’s lots of you! If you would like to book a table please let me know when for and for how many. Sadly there won’t be any smoked haddock on Sunday – I smoke it tomorrow and it’s usually all gone by Friday. Lots of other top quality fish though – as well as smoked halloumi and our own smoked sausage!

  9. Hi, thanks for getting back to me, can I book a table for 3 at 6pm please. No problem re the smoked haddock, I’ve been lucky enough to sample it once. Thanks

    1. Consider it done! See you Sunday.

  10. I was wondering if I could purchase gift vouchers for Shap Chippy please?

    1. Hi,
      Yes of course! If you would like to email me details of what you would like (cash amount or meals, eat in or take away) we will sort something out. info@shapchippy.co.uk
      Thank you for your enquiry.

  11. Could I book a table for 2 on Friday 13th May. also are we allowed to bring wine as I see you not licensed?,it is our wedding anniversary but no prob if not . sorry 7,15 please. regards Jeff.

    1. Certainly you can book a table! Consoder it done. And yes, you’re very welcome to bring wine; we provide glasses and charge a modest corkage. We look forward to seeing you!

  12. Hi, can I book a table for 5 people at 6.30pm on Sunday 19th June. Thanks

    1. Certainly! We look forward to seeing you all.

  13. Hi, I’m bringing my parents on Wednesday 10th Aug, so to avoid disappointment could I book a table for 3 people at 1pm please? Thanks

    1. Certainly! Consider it done, we look forward to seeing you!

  14. The best fandcshopintheworld

  15. What are your opening hours over Christmas and New Year?

    1. Hi, Thank you for your enquiry, I am afraid we are closed of Christmas and the new year. We are open this Friday until 8.00 pm then closed until noon on Tuesday 3rd January.

  16. Hi, I’m just wondering if you do gluten free dishes yet?

    1. Hi,
      We do not do gluten free batter I’m afraid, and therefore there is ordinary batter around every day. However our chips are fried separately from anything with batter and are very happy to poach our fish – cod and on Thursday smoked haddock.
      We do a chicken portion that is gluten free (though there may be some in the same processing unit) and similarly gluten free sausages. Both these products are fried in oil in which we fry gluten-containing foods, however. I hope there is something here that is OK for you!

  17. Hi George, is it possible to book a table for 10 adults and 2 children on Weds 31st May at 5pm please?
    Cheers, Chris

    1. Hi,
      Yes that’s fine, thank you! We can get very busy so if you are going to be late, can’t make it or change numbers please let us know. If we have folk waiting for tables we cannot keep a reservation for long – I hope you understand – we look forward to seeing you next week!

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