Shap Chippy welcomes the Dream Walker

Pierre P Cayer Quebec at Shap Chippy

Pierre P Cayer Quebec at Shap Chippy

Shap Chippy welcomed the self-styled “Dream Walker” Pierre P Cayer last week.  Claiming that life begins at 65, Pierre Cayer is walking around the world.  He started from his home in Canada two years ago  carrying everything he needs in a push-along buggy and walked from the tip of North America at the Arctic Ocean all the way down to the tip of South America at Tierra del Fuego.  He is now a month into the European leg of his journey which began in Ireland.  Gwyn Timpson of Shap Chippy said “we have many interesting and wonderful customers but it’s not every day that you meet someone like Pierre, he was just amazing!”

Pierre Cayer understands that walkers do have moments of danger, pain and loneliness and that the elements of nature, weather and unknown territory can be sometimes very harsh but says “the symphonic song of little birds, the sun, and the perfume of the human spirit comes out and all is forgotten.”  Planning to visit 70 countries in five continents Pierre says “I aim to end in Japan, with trips to place such as Russia, China, Australia, New Zealand and other African countries in-between. Boy am I looking forward to the next 5 years!”

You can read more about Pierre Cayer’s travels at

12th May 2014

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