Shap School visit to their local Chippy

Shap School visit the Chippy

Shap School visit the Chippy

Shap Chippy welcomed children from the village school this week.  Children in years one and two at Shap Endowed Church of England Primary School have been learning all about fish this term and so they walked the few hundred yards up Main Street to learn a bit more from Jo Hampson and Gwyn Taylor at their local fish and ship restaurant.

The children came in two groups and all were able to see at first hand how the fish is prepared and how the potatoes are peeled and chipped.  They were then shown the frying range which contains the fat in separate pans to fry the fish and chips.  Before they left all the visitors including staff were treated to a small portion of fish and chips.
Jo and duty manager Gwyn have both been teachers previously and they enjoyed the opportunity to show the village youngsters how a fish and chips supper is prepared.  Jo said “the chldren were really interested, they loved seeing a potato go in one end of a machine and chips pop out the other end! They told me all about puffer fish and tuna that they had been studying, but I think they were pleased it was haddock that we gave them!”  Gwyn added “they were impressed that we know what fishing boat the fish we serve are caught by and where the potatoes we use come from.  We have asked them to draw us a picture of fish and chips on a plate, so we are looking forward to seeing their art!”
Shap Chippy closed down last September but was re-opened in April by Jo Hampson and Georgina Perkins.  The Shap Chippy website and blog tell the story of the refurbishment.
July 2013

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