Battered by the weather rather than battered cod!

Lights but no Chippy sign!

Lights but no Chippy sign!

It was such a proud moment last year when we got our new sign up, but the outrageous weather over Christmas has not only seen rain coming in but has reduced us to uncertain identity!

As we checked our premises each day over the Christmas break I was delighted to see our festive lights bravely hanging on – it took a few days to realise that our sign was missing!  Fortunately it was rescued as it hurtled up the street – but it has been retired hurt.

Our new sign will be up next week – free chips to the first person to notice the slight difference!

Eden Rivers Trust volunteers get their Christmas Chips!

My favourite line in the article is the last one: “The trip ended with a delicious meal at the fish and chip shop in Shap, which the volunteers agreed lived up to its reputation as being one of the best in the county.”

Eden Rivers Trust Xmas Lunch

Eden Rivers Trust Xmas Lunch

Radio 4 talking Fish and Chips

BBC Food Programme talking fish and chips

For those interested in a “renaissance in the Great British Fish and Chip Shop” Radio 4’s Food Programme talk about what good food and great value it is! Broadcast today 16th December 2013 at 3.30 pm or listen online –

Christmas Greetings! – and Christmas Closing

Thank you to everyone who has supported us since we opened in April – we look forward to continuing to serve you with fish and chips (and sausages, pie, cheese etc..) in 2014!

We will close at 8.00 pm on Sunday 22nd December and re-open at 12 noon on Friday 3rd January 2014.

See you next year!

Quality Award – and Baked Beans!

Important things first… we now offer baked beans as an alternative (or in addition) to mushy peas!

We did it! Just after we heard we had ticked all 300 boxes...

We did it! Just after we heard we had ticked all 300 boxes…

Dan Harding presenting the NFFF Quality Award to us

Dan Harding presenting the NFFF Quality Award to us

Last week we finally received the news that we had reached the required standard for the National Federation of Fish Friers Quality Award – only four fish and chip shops in Cumbria currently hold it.  It was hard work – not only do we have to ensure we are buying frying and serving top quality food but we have to prove that we have recording systems in place for cleaning and hygiene, staff training and so on… aiming for this award has helped us start as we mean to go on – and we are carrying on learning all the time!  It’s been reported on the Westmorland Gazette site so far.



Cumbria Life Review of Shap Chippy

Nice surprise at the weekend when a friend asked us if we had seen the October edition of Cumbria Life…

Cumbria Life Review

Cumbria Life Review of Shap Chippy

Sustainable fishing and the Marine Stewardship Council

“Choosing MSC certified sustainable seafood matters. The connection between our seafood choices and the way the oceans are fished is more tangible than ever.” Rupert Howes, MSC Chief Executive.

In common with all good fish and chip restaurants we buy all our cod and haddock from suppliers certified by the MSC – at the moment we have cod caught by the trawler “Vulcan”.

I have just found that a member of the Marine Stewardship Council is giving a talk at Maulds Meaburn on 22nd October “Sustainable Fisheries or the end of the line?” which should be interesting. (And the bar’s open!)

Who runs the Chippy?

Who runs the Chippy?

Gwyn with her Great North Run 2013 finisher's medal

Gwyn with her Great North Run 2013 finisher’s medal

Well Gwyn, sometimes, but on Sunday she was running the Great North Run and completed it in a commendable 2 hrs 30 minutes… at that speed you’d think she could have got back and put a shift in at the Chippy!

Thank you to all those who sponsored her – all funds go to The Great North Air Ambulance.  The Management said they would match up to £100 of sponsorship and our customers – both regulars and those just passing through – have ensured we have to stump up the full amount – and we’re delighted so to do!

Well done Gwyn!


Crosby Ravensworth Show

Award winning spuds!

Crosby Ravensworth Show and Vintage Rally has been going for over 150 years and this year Shap Chippy was invited to sponsor a class or two… I asked if there was a fish class in the livestock section, but no, there wasn’t.  Nor was there batter in the baking section or pickled eggs or pickled onions… However with a little persuading we sponsored a couple of potato classes and a pea class – though not the marrowfat peas from which our rather splendid mushy peas are made every day!

Peas in pods

The show was great fun as ever, although not many people seemed to enter the horticultural section and Mr Newby seemed to win first, second and third in nearly all the classes!  Congratulations to him and all the other gardeners.  More next year, please!