Total Warrior – Shap invasion!

This weekend sees the annual Total Warrior event at Shap.  Competitors face almost insurmountable obstacles… while the local chip shop faces… who knows?!

Organisers are expecting 7000 visitors to the site, and we understand several thousand are camping in and around Shap.  On the assumption that this will increase our business to some degree or another we will be doing things slightly differently this weekend:

We will not be doing table service – sorry – and our menu will be slightly reduced.  As we weren’t here last year we do not know what to expect –  we will do our best!

Our extended opening hours this weekend will be:

Friday 4.30 pm – 9.30 pm

Saturday 11.00 am – 9.30 pm

Sunday 11.00 am – 8.00 pm

To those taking part… good luck, take care – and eat well!


Shap school makes a newsworthy visit to the Chippy

Last week we were visited by some enthusiastic youngsters who have been studying fish at the nearby Primary School. (Text from the report in the Cumberland and Westmorland Herald is below, or click on the picture to see it full size.)

Shap school visit the chippy

Shap school visit the chippy

… and they created the most wonderful art when they were back at school – a plate of fish and chips.  Some included peas, some ketchup, some cutlery; some used wool balls, some newspaper some pasta (I think!) but all used amazing imagination and in some cases a great deal of glitter!

The art of plating up! Amazing stuff from Shap schoolchildren at key stage 1.

The art of plating up! Amazing stuff from Shap schoolchildren at key stage 1.

Tasty way to learn about fish
Shap Chippy welcomed children from the village school this week.  Children in years one and two at Shap Endowed Church of England Primary School have been learning all about fish this term and so they walked the few hundred yards up Main Street to learn a bit more from Jo Hampson and Gwyn Taylor at their local fish and chip restaurant.
The children came in two groups and all were able to see at first hand how the fish is prepared and how the potatoes are peeled and chipped.  They were then shown the frying range which contains the fat in separate pans to fry the fish and chips.  Before they left all the visitors including staff were treated to a small portion of fish and chips.
Jo and duty manager Gwyn have both been teachers previously and they enjoyed the opportunity to show the village youngsters how a fish and chips supper is prepared.  Jo said “the chldren were really interested, they loved seeing a potato go in one end of a machine and chips pop out the other end! They told me all about puffer fish and tuna that they had been studying, but I think they were pleased it was haddock that we gave them!”  Gwyn added “they were impressed that we know what fishing boat the fish we serve are caught by and where the potatoes we use come from.  We have asked them to draw us a picture of fish and chips on a plate, so we are looking forward to seeing their art!”
Shap Chippy closed down last September but was re-opened in April by Jo Hampson and Georgina Perkins.




Just one of those nights…

… huge apologies to those who had a delay.  Once again a third of our frying capacity went out of commission.  The engineers from Hopkins have been out three times now to pan 3 and still it lets us down.  I have asked them to fix it and then stay for a busy shift…

Added to this a member of staff injured himself out the back… None of which helps customers who had to wait.  My heartfelt apologies.

Fried haggis for Sir Andy Murray

Perhaps he will pop in on his way to Dunblane… although it may not be on his approved diet…

Shap Chippy honours Andy Murray with haggis and chips

Shap Chippy honours Andy Murray with haggis and chips

Banana Fritters…

Too good not to try! Shap Chippy Banana Fritters, crisp and golden served with golden syrup and ice cream.  Also available with chocolate sauce…

Shap Chippy Banana Fritters

Shap Chippy Banana Fritters

Hopkins to the rescue!


A few broken bits and the fixer from Hopkins

A few broken bits and the fixer from Hopkins

As good as his word, Andy McColl who sold us our Hopkins frying range came over from Leeds on Saturday (with small daughter in tow!) bearing various digital parts and a couple of screwdrivers.  And hope in his heart! After we fed Andy and his daughter he set to, replacing buttons, display and finally the circuit board.

Once again we are, as we they say, cooking on gas!

Waiting time back to normal for the busy Saturday session with lots of happy diners enjoying our new treat – banana fritters with ice cream and syrup or chocolate sauce.  I regret to say I have not had a chance to try them yet…


Oh no…!

Just as we were getting confident that we can manage chip shop rush hour, one of our pans broke!

Sorry to those who had to wait longer than usual last night – we lost a third of our frying capacity at about 5.30 pm… which on a Friday night is really bad news.  Also disappointing in that the kit cost a lot more than a better car than I am ever likely to drive, and it is only a few months old!

Engineers apparently only come out Monday to Friday but the salesman from Hopkins – who was good enough to pick up the phone from me on a Friday evening (when he must have known I wouldn’t have just been phoning for a chat!) – is going to come by today with a new part…  fingers crossed.

Pie is now on the menu as well as some rather nice chicken fillet!

Top marks from the Environmental Health Officer!


5 stars from the council in the national food hygiene "scores on the doors" scheme

5 stars from the council in the national food hygiene “scores on the doors” scheme

Getting smoky…

Time for some picture updates! I’m not sure how I found time to blog so much when we first opened… maybe I was just buzzing!

A Smoky Jo - our very own smoked sausage makes its debut

A Smoky Jo – our very own smoked sausage makes its debut

All welcome at Shap Chippy!

All welcome at Shap Chippy – even rabbits


Jo and Becca study my food safety policy book

Jo and Becca study my food safety policy book. What’s so funny?

Age Concern were the first group to bring a party for lunch

Age Concern were the first group to bring a party for lunch

First order of a fish butty!

First order of a fish butty!


I am still buzzing with enthusiasm, of course, but less buzzy and more busy with the paperwork.  The environmental health officer visited last week and liked what she saw but she now has our food safety policy and assorted paperwork to go through before we get our food safety “score on the door”.  Fingers crossed!

We have also added smoked halloumi cheese fritters to our menu and (for eat-in only) banana fritters with syrup and ice cream…


Settling in…

Google has chosen this page as a landing page for opening times… which are: Tuesday – Saturday: Noon – 1.30 pm and 4.30 – 8.00 pm   Sunday: 4.30 – 8.00 pm. They are also on the front page of our website!

I think we are getting there; more staff are becoming more expert in more areas so in due course we will have more options for those really busy times when the organised chaos can fleetingly seem disorganised…

Our opening hours are now settled – at least for the summer. (By which I mean until mid-September, not necessarily anything to do with the weather.) They are on the front page of the website and the shop window – basically lunctimes and evenings Tuesday – Saturday and evening Sunday.  (We will also open on bank holiday Monday evenings then close on the following Tuesday.)

Thank you for our cards!

Thank you for our cards!

We have taken down our good luck/congratulations and thank you cards – thank you to so many of you for wishing us well.  And thank you to the coast to coast-ers who sent such a nice card after Jo dropped you off at the Shap Wells – why would you expect it to be five miles further on? So unfair!  The cards were on the top of the drinks fridge, which is now shiny clean.  We only have one staff member who can see up there, so Rosie – in future that’s your job, please! We are wondering what to put on the white wall – we were thinking about a cartoon-style map of the area, or of the coast to coast route – any suggestions? We will also put up boards with fish and chip facts – where the fish we use are caught (Marine Stewardship Council approved waters), the fact that potatoes went up by 25% a week after we opened… (yes really, though they seem to have gone back down a little now).

Amazing moon view driving home after frying

Amazing moon view driving home after frying