Crosby Ravensworth Show

Award winning spuds!

Crosby Ravensworth Show and Vintage Rally has been going for over 150 years and this year Shap Chippy was invited to sponsor a class or two… I asked if there was a fish class in the livestock section, but no, there wasn’t.  Nor was there batter in the baking section or pickled eggs or pickled onions… However with a little persuading we sponsored a couple of potato classes and a pea class – though not the marrowfat peas from which our rather splendid mushy peas are made every day!

Peas in pods

The show was great fun as ever, although not many people seemed to enter the horticultural section and Mr Newby seemed to win first, second and third in nearly all the classes!  Congratulations to him and all the other gardeners.  More next year, please!