Here is the news…

As it has not been possible to get fish and chips in Shap for some months now, and it will be a few more before you can again, I thought I would entertain myself – and anyone else who may interested – with a record of what has been going on behind the scenes… and what is still to happen.

It has taken me considerably longer than I had hoped to get this blog up and running – and it still doesn’t look how I want it to look, but it will!

“We” have been interested in the business since it was on the market 5 or 6 years ago…

The building is now sold to us subject to contract… – i.e. solicitors and accountants dotting T’s and crossing I’s…

The roof needs replacing and it has no floor and in between these two problems are many others, not least the fact that there is no fish and chip frying equipment!

HOWEVER! We have a book about running a chip shop and we have two gurus who will make sure we master the art of creating perfect fish, chips and mushy peas… and we have huge enthusiasm… and an incredible number of people already telling us EXACTLY what to do to keep all the cutomers happy.

Keep the ideas coming!

The interior of Shap Chippy January 2013

The interior of Shap Chippy January 2013. And the roof is worse!